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Stacey Stark

Stacey Stark, GISP is the associate director of U-Spatial, a center within Research Computing in the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) at the University of Minnesota. She works in the University of Minnesota Duluth office. U-Spatial serves and drives a fast-growing need for geospatial expertise in research and teaching across the UMN system. Stacey manages an on-going hazard mitigation planning program as well as numerous short-term research and teaching projects in many disciplines. She is also co-leading a UMN GIS in K-12 collaborative that aims to accelerate geospatial literacy and GIS use for teaching in the K-12 environment. This work builds on a partnership with the MN GIS/LIS Consortium, MAGE, and others to encourage and support educators using geospatial tools in MN K-12 education.

Stacey earned an MS in Watershed Science from Colorado State University (1997) where she was first introduced to using geospatial information and tools for natural resource management. Stacey has worked in the Minnesota geospatial community since 1998. She has served in various leadership roles in the Northern Minnesota GIS User Group and the MN GIS/LIS Consortium over this time.


Contact Information

U-Spatial | Research Computing
University of Minnesota Duluth
Kirby Plaza 389
1208 Kirby Drive
Duluth, MN 55812

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