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Statewide Geology Data for Minnesota

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Most of the geologic GIS information described on this webpage is statewide in scope and is generally 1:500,000 to 1:1,000,000 in scale.

Bedrock and Quaternary Geology and Hydrogeology

Minnesota Geological Survey

State Map Series: These maps are part of the MGS "State Map Series".  Scales are 1:500,000 to 1:1 million.

Online Map Services: MGS is in the process of migrating maps and digital information to online versions in an effort to increase accessibility and provide for more general use. They are doing this through web-enabled map services. Services offer access to some State Map Series maps and mosaics of more recent, high-resolution data sets.

U.S. Geological Survey

Additional Maps:  Current and Historic

Created by the Minnesota Geological Survey.

Mineral / Industrial Mining

Information provided by the Lands and Minerals Division of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


Aeromagnetic data records the total magnetic intensity anomaly relative to the earth's magnetic field, indicating the distribution and concentration of magnetic minerals (primarily iron-bearing) within the upper crust of the earth. Maps, documentation, and GIS data.

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