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Wetlands Data for Minnesota

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Aerial photo of wetland

Minnesota retains about 10.6 million acres of wetlands, according to a 2013 report. This is about half the acreage that existed before European settlement. Despite laws protecting wetlands, they continue to suffer degradation and loss. Wetland managers recognize the need for better information about wetland location, type, quality, and conversion.

Information on wetland delineations in Minnesota has historically been provided by the National Wetlands Inventory, which has been updated during the past decade.

Tables below link to wetlands GIS data (NWI), information on state wetlands legislative and management programs, and information about programs to track wetland quality and status and to update wetland maps.


Hydrography: GIS and mapping data of wetlands

Quality: Wetland water quality data

General: Miscellaneous wetland data and information about wetland mapping updates



Name Source* Geographic Area Scale Time Period Data Type
National Wetlands Inventory Update (Minnesota)

DNR, USFWS, partners

Statewide 1:24,000 2010-2014 Vector GIS
The Minnesota update of the National Wetland Inventory was conducted by a multi-agency collaborative coordinated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, with funding from Minnesota's Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund.
1970s National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) of Minnesota


Statewide 1:24,000 1974-1978 Vector GIS
National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) data are records of wetlands location and classification as defined by the USFWS. LMIC converted the Minnesota NWI files to Arc/INFO coverage format and edge-matched the files. In cooperation with the DNR and USFWS, LMIC revised the legends to correct errors and to add items for individual portions of the NWI code. DNR added translations from the Cowardin wetland classification system to the Circular 39 wetland classification system.
Wetlands Online Mapper


Nationwide Various Ongoing Web Application
This is the webpage from which the user may launch the Wetlands Online Mapper on the USFWS website. The application allows the user to zoom and pan on the map display as well as query, identify, select and extract wetland information. The National Wetlands Database contains NWI data where it exists, NWI updates where they exist, and other wetlands data that meets new national standards for wetland delineation. The national online mapping system does not reflect any Minnesota corrections.

Download Seamless NWI Wetlands Data


Nationwide Various (at 24k and 100k Quad level) 1977 Web Application, Vector GIS
This application allows the user to download wetland polygon data for selected USGS 24K or 100K quadrangles within a given state. The national download site does not reflect any Minnesota corrections.
National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) USFWS Nationwide N/A Current Text

National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) data are records of wetlands location and classification as defined by the USFWS. This is the main webpage on the USFWS website for NWI information. It contains links to their wetlands mapper, federal mapping standards, various program and status reports and other wetlands data.

MMCD Map Application MMCD 7-county Twin Cities Metro Area Various Current Web Application

This interactive web application displays mosquito breeding sites with their recent inspection and treatment records. The user may zoom and pan on the map and select individual breeding sites to obtain information. Other layers may be loaded into the map display for reference such as administrative, transportation, hydrography and aerial photography.



Name Source* Geographic Area Scale Time Period Data Type
Wetlands in Minnesota PCA Statewide N/A Current Text

PCA's main webpage for wetland water quality.

Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) BWSR Statewide N/A 1991 Text with links to PDFs

This section of BWSR's website has links to various documents that describe Minnesota's Wetland Conservation Act (WCA).



Name Source* Geographic Area Scale Time Period Data Type

DNR Wetlands Information


Statewide N/A Current Text
This is the DNR's main webpage for wetland information. It contains links to wetland management programs, types and benefits of wetlands, wetlands to visit, and wetland regulation and taxation.
Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources: Wetlands


Statewide N/A Current Text
The wetlands section of BWSR's website contains information on wetland assessment, conservation, and restoration as well as permit applications and key contacts. BWSR is the state administrative agency for soil and water conservation districts, watershed management organizations and districts, and county water managers.


*Source abbreviations:

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