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Minnesota Geospatial Commons: Prioritized Functions

The following is a current list (last updated 7/1/10) of the prioritized functions of a prototype Minnesota geospatial commons being developed or under consideration by the Geospatial Commons Workgroup.  The Commons would involve many types of geospatial resources including data, web services, applications, feeds, etc. and should support a federation of smaller “nodes” via harvesting or linking on-the-fly.

Highest priority functions = bold
Medium priority functions = not bold
Low priority functions = italic



  • Structured search interface
    • Spatial search (e.g., area-of-interest bounding box)
    • Metadata search
  • Google metadata search
  • Catalog (viewable page)
  • Registry (database)
  • Cross-selling (recommendations)
  • Search spatial features/attributes
  • Publish metadata
  • Post (upload) data for download
  • Post (upload) data for distribution as web service by Commons
  • Feeds (RSS, Twitter)
  • News/discussion forum
  • Wiki
  • Shared development space
  • Standards and cookbooks
  • Thesauri and gazetteers



  • Metadata and documentation viewer
  • Map viewer
  • Link to content provider
  • Connect user to web service
  • Download data and other resources
  • User reviews (quality, trustworthiness, etc.)
  • Catalog maintenance
  • Harvesting
  • Security and user management
  • Hardware/network support
  • User profiles (producers)
  • User profiles (consumers)
  • Registry of web service users
  • Back-end database
  • Web Service Approval and trustworthiness
  • Web Service Monitoring
  • Metrics of usage
  • Support/training on providing services, Service Level Agreements, etc. to producer
  • Support and training to end users


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