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Bikeways Data Standard for Minnesota

The purpose of this standard is to provide a single, commonly accepted set of attribute specifications (field name, type, and length) for transferring and aggregating bikeways data in Minnesota for a wide variety of purposes. It is intended to be used when data are being transferred between organizations. Its use will improve the ability to share data resources by reducing incompatibilities when acquiring, processing, and disseminating bikeways data.

A secondary goal of this standard is to support the establishment of a repeatable process for improving inventory and knowledge of what bikeways exist in Minnesota. This inventory will be useful to local, regional and state governments for identifying network gaps within and between jurisdictions, easing data transfer between all levels of government and across partnering stakeholder organizations, and providing data critical for level of service, level of traffic stress and other network evaluations.

In response to comments received during the previous public review, this version of the proposed standard is specific to bicycling and does not include other trail types. In the future, a broader trails standard may be proposed by stakeholders.

Standard and Supporting Materials

Note: Domain tables for all standards have been centralized into one spreadsheet document (click on link to "Domains").

Public Review Comments

More Information

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