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Nominating a GIS Project for a Geospatial Commendation

The Minnesota Geospatial Advisory Council is continuing a program that the Minnesota Governor's Council on Geographic Information established in 1996 to recognize significant, exemplary geospatial activities. A Governor's Geospatial Commendation is given to a project that meets rigorous criteria. Nominations are solicited through the Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium and by word of mouth. Awards are presented at the Consortium's annual fall conference. The deadline to submit this year's nominations is June 30, 2021.

For a project to receive a certificate of commendation it must demonstrate a commitment to promoting efficient and effective use of the technology, have significant positive impact on the citizens of Minnesota, and demonstrate a willingness to collaborate in partnerships that provide benefit beyond the originating organization. Projects that provide public access to geospatial technology and products also receive very high marks.

The award criteria require that commended projects must have:

  1. Yielded tangible benefits and exceptional results

  2. Had a significant impact outside the home organization, and

  3. Demonstrated at least one of the following goals:

Individuals or organizations may nominate their own or any other project. Nominations should include the following information:

For examples of successful nominations, see the awards pages for 2018, 2015, 2014 and 2013. These examples are provided as samples only. All complete nominations will be considered.

Nominations should be sent to the council either by email:
or by regular mail:  Minnesota Geospatial Advisory Council, c/o Dan Ross, Chief Geospatial Information Officer, MnGeo, 658 Cedar St., Room 300, St. Paul, MN 55155

For further information, please contact:


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