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MnGeo's Organization

Sandi Stroud, MnGeo Director and Deputy GIO
Sandi Stroud

The Minnesota Geospatial Information Office is part of Minnesota IT Services.

Sandi Stroud is MnGeo's Director as well as the State of Minnesota's Deputy Geospatial Information Officer.

She reports to Dan Ross, the State's Chief Geospatial Information Officer, who in turn is accountable to the State’s Chief Information Officer, Tarek Tomes.

MnGeo's Director is assisted by two GIS Supervisors:
James Bunning oversees MnGeo's Geospatial Professional Services team and the Geospatial Hosting team.
Alison Slaats oversees MnGeo's Data Coordination team.

Dan Ross, Minnesota's CGIO
Dan Ross






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