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Archiving Imagery Workgroup

The mission of the Archiving Imagery Workgroup of the Minnesota Geospatial Advisory Council is to investigate best practices for archiving imagery data and continue to build on the work of the Archiving Pilot Workgroup, the Archiving Implementation Workgroup and the Archiving Workgroup.

Your Input Needed!

1. Imagery Inventory Survey

The workgroup is gathering an inventory of the types of imagery resources available across the state that would be suitable for archiving. Note that we are not gathering resources to archive at this time; we are just compiling a potential inventory.

The types of imagery include:

If your organization has aerial imagery, please fill out the survey by Monday, November 28, 2022

2. Historical Geospatial Data Survey

Help us make the case for archiving geospatial data in Minnesota. The survey takes about five minutes to complete. Your ongoing input will help planning as we work toward proposing a geospatial archive for Minnesota.

Here are some initial stories!


Charters and Work Plans

Workgroup Leadership

Chair: Karen Majewicz, University of Minnesota, 612-626-6182,

Vice-chair: Melinda Kernik, University of Minnesota, 612-301-3932,


Meeting Agendas and Notes

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