GLO Historic Plat Map

Retrieval System


The original public land survey plats were drawn with essentially standardized symbology, however styles vary from plat to plat.  Because each map was hand drawn, the artistry and penmanship of each plat is unique.  Some of the plats were drawn with color, others in shades of gray, and others in black and white.  

The level of detail captured in each plat map was dependent on the diligence and accuracy of the individual surveyors.  Some surveyors noted a large variety of physical features and created maps of remarkable detail, while other surveyors were less meticulous.

The varying nature of these maps makes it impossible to create a definitive legend.  You will likely encounter notations and symbols that are not included below.  The following is intended as a helpful tool to aide the use of the maps.  For definitions to unfamiliar terms consult the glossary.

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