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Minnesota Land Use and Cover
1990s Census of the Land

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urban.gif Urban and rural development
cult.gif Cultivated land
hay.gif Hay/pasture/grassland
brush.gif Brushland
forested.gif Forested
water.gif Water
bog.gif Bog/marsh/fen
mining.gif Mining
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About the data and application
Description Acreage Percent of state Description Acreage Percent of state
Urban and rural development 1,472,267 2.7 Forested 14,434,482 26.7
Cultivated land 22,694,200 42.0 Water 3,211,643 5.9
Hay/pasture/grassland 4,977,451 9.2 Bog/marsh/fen 5,728,056 10.6
Brushland 1,326,796 2.5 Mining 147,175 0.3
  State total 53,992,070 100.0
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